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5 top Most Famous Classical Music Pieces

Even in the current day, a large number of people are listening to classical music. There are over eleven million people in America who regularly listen to classical music radio stations. You may be getting tired of other kinds of music or may be wondering what makes classical music endure up to this point. One can derive such information from gaining an understanding of some of the greatest classical music pieces available. You can listen to such compositions as a way for you to appreciate and learn more about the beauty of classical music even as you set out on starting your classical music journey. Below is a guide on some of the best pieces of classical music available for you.

The Blue Danube Walts is one of those great pieces available, as done by Johann Strauss II. The piece is written in honor of the Danube River, one that flows through his home country Austria. You can get a taste of the song by watching the movie A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick, an epic 1969 film done in 2001. Most performances of this song are the instrumental version, but even then, the song communicates all that it needs to.

Symphony No.5, a piece done in C minor by Beethoven is another exciting piece of classical music. The song composer Ludwig van Beethoven started experiencing hearing challenges in his 20s and had completely lost that sense by the time he died. The things that make the song such an excellent piece are its opening and its Symphony No.5 in C minor. The song has endured a lot including being sung as a 1970s disco tune.

Another famous piece is the Clair de Lune, also known as Moonlight, done by Claude Debussy. The French composer borrowed it form a poem written in 1869 about dancing masqueraders, and addresses beauty and mystery like those found in activities that take place at night. The piano piece is often a favorite for people who want to learn to play this instrument.

Mozart’s Molto Allegro from Symphony No. 40 is another composition that has withstood the test of time. The word allegro means ”very fast”, and is among the many Mozart YouTube video compilations to help with studying and concentration. Mozart was 32 when he composed the songs, but it still endures even after his demise at age 35.

Chopin’s Nocturne is another excellent classical composition. A majority of Fredrick Chopin’s fans believe that the song was saying “I love you”. Chopin wrote the song when he was only 20 years old and has a love and romance effect on you when you listen to it.