Finding Convenient Self-Storage Locations Fast

When storage units are needed, there is typically not a great deal of time to spend finding a location. An inventory delivery arrives a week early, the in-laws have decided to pop in for the long weekend, or the school basement is flooded, and the sports equipment needs to be moved now are a few examples when time is of the essence. A quick internet search is possible, but then time is needed to go through some of the results. There is a faster way to locate storage units.

Pink Storage

People only need a smart phone and one website to get the situation under control in a matter of minutes. Go to, enter in the desired location, and pay for a unit all at the same time. Wait a few seconds and an access code pops up. It really is that fast and simple. A unit is needed in bridgend, for example, enter that location and pay for a unit. They are all at ground level, so there is no need to flip through the units to find one that is convenient to load.

The access code gets renters into the location and into their storage units. Security consists of surveillance cameras and an electronic gate, and renters have twenty-four hour a day access to their units. This is ideal for factories that operate three shifts and require more supplies and retail businesses that re-stock shelves overnight. Low pricing and no contracts make renting as cost-effective and easy as possible.

Mobile Storage

The company also has mobile units that can be requested online. A unit is delivered to your location and dropped off. Take a few days to fill it and call to have it picked up. This eliminates loading items into a truck, driving across town, and unloading everything. Move it once into the unit and leave it there. No extra lugging, no sore back muscles, and zero wasted time.

Van Rental

Not every bloke has a friend with a pickup truck or minivan. That is no problem because there are vans available to rent for an afternoon or the whole day. Move items into the unit without having to tie them to the top of that small car or shove them into the boot without causing damage. Packing supplies are offered as well for complete storage services.