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How To Pre-screen Your Employees

It is challenging to employ people to work for you. Inefficiencies in most firms is as a result of employing the wrong people to take responsibility for different roles in the firm. The senior managers and human resource managers will facilitate future growth of the firm if they come up with an effective hiring process where appropriate employees will be hired to take on the different roles. Your company will enjoy huge profits if you take the time to find the appropriate team of employees to work on your objectives because they will be highly productive.

Ways of improving the overall hiring process can be assessed after you examine how you hire employees in your firm. One of the crucial stages in the hiring of potential workers for your firm is the pre-screening part. This article discusses how you will carry out the pre-screening process on your employees before hiring them. It is vital that you look at some social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram of your employees. From these platforms, you will be able to know who your employees really are, their objectives and what they do in their free time.

This will enable you to know whether they will be fitted for the culture you have in your organization. Hiring an individual who is proper for the culture of your organization will not end up ruining the reputation of the firm. The pre-screening process will be aided if you check LinkedIn of the employees. Linkedin is not like other social platforms because here the employment history and the number of employers who have recommended your potential employees are shown.

The perfect platform from where you can identify ideal employees to fill the vacant positions in your company is LinkedIn. The LinkedIn feature that will allow you to check an employee anonymously without them knowing will be helpful after you have narrowed your options to help in pre-screening of the remaining potential workers. Because of using the feature, you will be assured of hiring the best employees to fill the vacant positions in your business. The potential employee should provide their references to you.

Verification of the employee’s job performance and dates of employment can be done if references are provided. Knowing the employee dates of employment will enable you determine their level of commitment and gain insight on whether they are the kind interested in building a long term employment relationship or not. Before hiring an employee, ensure you carry out a background check with their permission. An employee who has nothing to hide will not have a problem consenting to your criminal background check on them.