Making a Dorm Room Bed Comfortable

When a student heads off to college, they are leaving most of the comforts of home behind. While they are beginning an exciting new journey, they have additional stress and pressure. They are facing learning their way around campus, meeting new people, and adapting to the pace of classes. Due to all of this, a good night’s sleep is very important. Here are a few necessities when the time comes to ensure that a student is able to get a good night’s rest.

Mattress Topper

The standard bed in a dorm provides less-than-ideal comfort. This is why a mattress pad or topper is critical. They will promote better sleep, keep the bed sheets from sliding when tossing and turning at night, and offer an additional layer of protection from the dorm mattress.

The mattress topper also helps to protect the mattress from dirt or stains. Late nights of studying and snacking can lead to spills.

Nice Comforter

For a luxury bedding experience, a down comforter is a great addition to a dorm room. They are lightweight and breathable. Their thick insulation ensures that an individual says cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is even more important in situations where the student doesn’t have the ability to adjust the thermostat.

Two Pillows

Select pillows that hold their shape well and provide ample support. It isn’t uncommon to sit up in to read or study at night after sitting at a desk all day. The two pillows will come in handy. Even when relaxing in the room, many find themselves sitting on the bed since there isn’t really room for other seating. The additional pillow is ideal.

High Thread Count Sheets

The higher the thread count of the sheet, the softer the product. The higher the count, the more luxurious the sheet swill feel. Typically, a count between 200-800 is ideal. Students usually do better with 100% cotton sheets in a darker color or white for easier washing. If darker sheets are the choice, wash them in cold water all alone the first time. Otherwise, the color will fade onto towels and clothing.

To get more information about the essentials for a dorm room, follow this important link. This investment is something that will carry the student through their college years and on into life.