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All about the ER

The emergency departments of a hospital will operate round the clock to provide the community with essential healthcare services for the injured. It is advisable that you have an understanding of how the emergency department works. the emergency department is concerned with treating people who have some serious illnesses and injuries especially those that might become more complicated if not attended with haste. The emergency department is designed to keep things moving and not for long-term care.

Treatment in this section of the hospital is based on clinical need and not what you can afford financially. Whether you have an insurance cover or not will be determined after you have been stabilized and received the care that you need. Some injuries will carry more urgency than others and they are attended to in that order and not how the people arrive at the departments. Everyone who comes to the ER has a right to access the services they need regardless of their sex orientation,gender, disability and any other ground, they have a right to privacy as well.

Most emergency department operate with a professionally crafted mechanism which allows activities to flow smoothly. Standards will define the emergency departments any time and for that reasons most departments will perform a review of their activities and skill to ensure that they are offering the best. Cases that require the attention of a doctor could differ, sometimes you will be torn on whether to see the normal doctor or go straight the ER. If the case can be seen by a normal doctor you are likely to see the same doctor each time. By going to doctor attending normal cases, you will not have to stay in line like in emergency departments where the urgency will determine the doctor you have to see.

When people make use of their local doctors for cases that don’t have to get top the ER, it frees up for real emergencies to be attended. Upon arrival in the emergency department you will come into contact with a triage nurse, they will look at you and determine how sick you are. Apart from assessing your condition, the triage nurse will also collect your personal information to help with identifying and billing you later on. If your condition is to get worse when you are still in the waiting area, you need to let the triage nurse know immediately so that you can be seen. Make a point of understanding how the ER activities flow so you can get the help you need much more easily from this company.