Reasons to Consider a Lift in Your Home

A safe way to encourage seniors to remain mobile and maintain an independent lifestyle in the comfort of home is with the help of a lift installation company in Singapore. In many cases, an elderly individual might be hesitant to have a lift installed, whether it’s the thought of home aesthetics or the idea that it represents physical fragility. However, living without the ease and convenience of a stair lift could have serious repercussions. Here are some things to consider.

Increased Chance of Accidents

The slightest misstep on stairs can lead to falls and serious injuries at any age. Seniors who are less steady on their feet and struggle with balance are even more likely to slip. Since bones weaken as people age, they are more susceptible to fractures, so any type of accident on the stairs can have a lasting physical impact.

Long Term Strains

Aside from falls, people who have trouble with stairs can develop injuries related to using them over time. For example, someone with limited mobility in one hip might compensate by putting more pressure on the other while using the stairs. The added strain can lead to chronic pain from the additional wear and tear that could be avoided by using a stair lift.

Mental & Emotional Stress

Those who are finding that the stairs in their home are getting harder to climb face a new type of stress each day. The worry expressed by family and friends can heighten a situation that is already emotionally taxing. Installing a stair lift will decrease the amount of anxiety for everyone involved.

Parts of Home Off Limits

Whether an individual or elderly couple have a two-story home, a one level home with a basement or a home with a porch that has exterior steps, there is a good chance they are not utilizing their entire space if they struggle with stairs. There are lifts made for interior stairs, porch stairs, and outside stairs that lead into the home. There is no reason that areas of the home should be off limits.

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