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The Link Between Addictive Behavior and Your Health.
Addiction is a form of craving which occurs when your mind is conditioned to certain external stimuli such as thrilling experiences or the use of psychological altering substances. The stimuli cause the release of dopamine which acts to satisfy the pleasure centers of your brain. Your health is at great risk when you are addicted to certain stimuli as discussed below.
The first thing that occurs to an individual is that they cannot stop abusing a particular drug or pleasure stimulating experience. It becomes impossible for you to function normally or do any activity without the intake of a particular stimulus. Continued use of the substance prompts increase in the dosage as small amounts have no significant effect in your body. Death from conditions obtained from the heavy use of stimuli such as alcohol, tobacco, bhang, cocaine crystal methanol and other substances is inevitable as multiple health conditions of the liver, heart, lungs, and kidneys.
Secondly, the loss of control and judgement another impact observed in addicts. Ones a person engages in heavy use of a chemical stimuli, it affects their mental health and they cannot control their lives and make wise judgements on situation regardless of being under the influence of the substance. Inability of an addict to identify situations on danger which threatens their life, safety and health is attributed to the brain damage that occurs from the use of substances which alters the normal functioning of the mind. Outside intervention becomes a necessity when you can clearly identify that you have lost control of your life but there is nothing that you can do to abate the situation. In such a scenario, psychological and a detox program is administered to get your life back on track.
Addiction is very dangerous as it comes to a point where further use of a substance has no effect and gives you no more pleasure. addiction becomes part of the life of an addict regardless of them finding no pleasure in the stimuli they are on. This occurs in alcohol addicts, sexual workers, serial killers, speed and thrill junkies and they push it to abnormal extremes and end up being termed as psychopaths. Most of these individuals suffer from depression and anxiety as they end up being social outcast as people can’t live with them due to theft and they end up in jail serving life sentences or dead from suicide or from being taken down by authorities. if one does not do alcohol addiction detox
In conclusion, it is highly recommended that you check if your family tree for addicts and how their genetics relate to yours. Taking this step will aid you in avoiding addictive stimuli if your lineage has individuals who have shown addiction in the past.