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Steps to Take if Someone Breaks into Your House

Most of the people do not know what to do if their homes were to be broken into. The thought of someone hurting you in your own house does not cross you since you consider it to be the safest place away from the rest of the world. Here are the steps you should take in case your home has just been broken into. To submit a report with them, calling the police should then be your first step. You might first consider inviting a friend or a relative for consolation in such a situation.

If you suspect the intruder might still be in the house, you should ensure that the police arrives at the scene immediately. Since the intruder might be still within the field even after leaving your house, it is essential to ensure that the police are there on time. Taking a home inventory should be your next step after calling the police and ensuring your safety. Before you, however, do this, wait until the police have already arrived and established that there is no one in the house.

You also need to wait until they have collected the fingerprints or any other type of evidence. Once you are permitted to get into the house, you can then assess the level of losses. Creating a list of all your things will make it more comfortable to spot the ones that could be missing. After identifying the missing issues, you need to then include a thorough description of each one of them and their approximate value. Allow the police all the time they need to survey the house before you can get back inside. Thus you will not interfere with the crime scene. After they are done with everything, that is when you can then go back inside the house and take pictures.

Since you do not know what could help the police with identifying the intruder, you, therefore, need to consult them before you can touch or start using any item in the house. Once you are done with the police, you need to call your insurance company then. Filling a claim with the insurance company should be done immediately after you have filed a report with the police. Once this is done the company will send someone to evaluate the real situation. The company requires that you provide them with the details of the break-in, a proof of it, and your income and savings financial details.