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Get a Top Operating System for Your Small Business

The choice of operating systems today isn’t wide in this age we are in. To a larger extends, manufacturers are responsible for the limitations. Today, small business owners are looking for the best operating system that will be convenient to them and also economical. There is no doubt that Microsoft is the leading firm that small business depend on but often, people are faced with windows 10 pro home question. Windows 10 is the latest operating system that is used by small to large business people. Windows 10 home is one operating system that can be restrictive when used even by the one-man shop companies.

Most firms today whether small or large are still using the old Windows 10 and haven’t tested the new Windows 10. Windows 7 has been the main operating system for small and large companies ever since. In about 2 years, Microsoft will no longer support the operating system for free. Beyond that deadline, paid support will only be available to small businesses. The major reason for one to stick to windows 7 could be incompatibility of their system to Windows 10. However, for those that support, they are battling with windows 10 pro vs home question.

Windows 7 professional users must have realized that they do have a chance to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. All one has to do is to solve the problem of window 10 pro vs home. This offer is here for you each time and you can get yourself the better system by upgrading. However, if you want new things, you should get yourself a new operating system. With a new operating system, it could mean learning new buttons, new features and other good things for your business. Choosing to upgrade your windows is a great option especially if you are operating a sensitive business like accounting. You will just have to solve the windows 10 pro vs home question and get top features you want.

Important to note is the fact that Windows 10 Pro and Home have the same necessities. Such requirements are crucial especially for your operating system. You should get to know that if you are using windows 10 as your software, not all your small business applications will run well with it. Though the requirements are almost the same, you should first determine the puzzle “windows 10 pro vs home” and go ahead with your selection of the requirements. The most basic requirements include a 60 GB HDD space or even a 100 GB for small business needs, a 4 Gigabytes of Ram and a Core i3 2+ processor. This is your time to get the best out of Microsoft offers especially when you have solved the puzzle ‘windows 10 pro home.