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Steps in Car Maintenance

A lot of ways to choose in having cost-saving tips in maintaining your car. Doing it for yourself is one way to fade away expensive cost toa mechanic. Try to learn basic repair and this can save extra dollars to your wallet. An enjoyable experience in repair can bring you learning and at the same time-saving. In doing a repair on your own, you can save a lot.

Below are some important tips to follows.

Have a regular check on the air filter, asking help from a mechanic can cause you a delay. You can check an owner’s manual for a guide. You can replace an air filter and do it in ten minutes only. By doing this, you can save an extra money and extend the life of your car.

In rainy weather condition a blade wiper is a must. A free installation is offered to some auto parts store. You install your wiper blade on your own in just ten minutes. Wiper blades set up differs a little from another car, so refer to your manual when doing it. Follow the instruction attached on the packaging if you encounter a problem in fixing your wiper blade.

A simplest way of process to install the spark plug but you can feel a little bit pressure in installing it. Most of the spark plugs are pre-gapped so you don’t have to worry of gapping it.

The most important in car maintenance is the oil and to change it. Doing it on their own is preferred by most car owner. Be sure to keep your engine is cool before doing a change in oil. To catch up the old oil, put an oil pan underneath the engine Fill about two-thirds capacity of the engine of the new oil. Double check the oil filled engine by using the dip stick. Consider that change of oil in a car engine is the dirtiest job but worth as far as expenses are a concern.

A battery’s good connection can keep your car in a good running condition. A visual check is done to perform the process. Clean the post of the battery by cleaning it with water and dry it with rags. To avoid the problems, check the battery every few months.

An oil change can cost $40, and having your spark plugs changed professionally will run you about $60.

The list goes on and on. You can easily slash these eight auto expenses by taking the repairs on yourself – saving perhaps thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicle. But remember, one of the biggest steps to any DIY project is knowing when not to do it yourself.

If you need a partner, seek out a neighbor who also wants to save money and learn more about cars, or take the opportunity to teach your kids some auto basics. It’s really important that you have to consider checking that they have a good knowledge about the subject. Don’t risk injury or take apart pieces that you can’t put back together.

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