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Manufacturing Processes

When the dawn of the industrial revolution came into being in the nineteen century, one of the dominating aspects about it was the manufacturing industry. What this resulted into was, taking materials in their raw form and then changing them to a form that is more useful for the use by other people. In order for the manufacturing of products to happen, the mass labor needed for manufacturing was an aid with the use of machines.

With time various market needs started to emerge that needed to be addressed through manufacturing processes. This means that different manufacturing process exist which can further be categories into three. The first class we will look at is the Make To Stock, MTS class. The aim of manufacturing with this category of manufacturing is that products get produced then they are latter stocked out. The driving force that is behind this form of the manufacturing process is that one is able to have a market prediction on the number of products it needs. The second manufacturing process is that stated as MTO and is known in full as Make To order. This form of manufacturing is based on whereby there is demand for a product through orders. This means that manufacturing can only be done when there is a ready market with known production units. The third classification is the Make To Assemble more commonly abbreviated as MTA. This form of manufacturing takes into account that they will be a need for the given products hence their production and this is more commonly in the assembly market.

In regards to the process of manufacturing, the process is a complex one considering the number of factors that come In to play. Given by the fact that manufacturing involves various elements, it is important that there is a balance so as to be able to make the manufacturing process a success. Before any form of manufacturing can commence, the vital components that are needed are raw materials. This means that one needs to have sufficient raw material in order for one to meet production needs for a given market. In order to satisfy the requirement of sufficient raw materials, then a manufacturer has to establish a constant supply chain. This can be ensured by providing suitable transportation such that the factors like weather or distances do not hamper access to the materials needed for production.

One vital important thing that is a huge factor when it comes to manufacturing is the choice of equipment that is used by the manufacturer. So as to be able to produce the units needed in any particular market, then having the right machinery will make it possible. Efficiency is one thing that any manufacturing company needs and this can be achieved when the correct tools of trade are present. Apart from just meeting production demand, its equally important that a manufacturer is able to guarantee quality assurance across the board in terms of manufacturing.

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