Leading PC Games Keep Enthusiasts Entertained for Hours on End

Console fans like to brag about the exclusive games that are available on their platforms of choice. The fact is, though, that there are many times more great pc games than any PlayStation, Nintendo machine, or Xbox can boast of.

The PC has been a top gaming platform for decades, and it is even now going stronger than ever. Websites that break the latest news about games available for the PC make it easy to keep up.

The Most Popular Games on the PC Today are Some of the Best Ever Made

Video games have been around for something like half a century. Today’s top games, though, are far more exciting and engaging than just about any of the classics.

Websites that detail all the latest game-related developments and updates make it simple for fans of the PC to stay on top of the newest and best options. Some of the games that have been making headlines lately are:

  • Fortnite. Epic Studios is a legend in the PC gaming industry, with its seminal Unreal series having rivaled id Software’s Doom and Quake with regard to its early influence. Fortnite might not be entirely original, but it is the most popular take yet on the “battle royale” format that got started with PC titles like DayZ. Gamers love how Fortnite remains a bit lighthearted while supporting some serious competitive action. With free-to-play Fortnite alone raking in hundreds of millions of dollars monthly for Epic, the studio’s future has never been more secure.
  • Dota 2. Blizzard’s Warcraft 3 was a popular real-time strategy game in its time. Today, though, it is probably best known for giving birth to a modificaiton called “Defense of the Ancients.” When Steam creator Valve Software hired one of that project’s leading lights to create a standalone successor, gamers everywhere knew something special was in store. Although never as popular as League of Legends, its primary competitor, Dota 2 receives a lot of respect for its complexity and depth.

Many More Great Games for the PC to be Learned About Online

Websites that publish the latest news about games like these make it simple for fans of the PC to stay entertained. With many more enticing options awaiting, game-playing PC owners never lack for choices.