Get Your Hands Off Me. A true story of sexual harassment in the workplace

Olga is a media-savvy young journalist when she first meets the Editor-in-Chief, the man who marks her life forever. As Olga starts work during a trial period at an Italian national newspaper, the Editor-in-Chief repeatedly asks her out, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, comments on how attractive she is, and even touches her. In telling the story of a nightmare that goes off the rails, Olga’s book, Get Your Hands Off Me, (published today in Italian by Chiarelettere) lifts the veil of sexual harassment in the Italian workplace.

This is the first time that a woman has come forward to tell a story like this in Italy, where one million three hundred and eight thousand (1,308,000) women between 15 and 65 years old were victims of sexual harassment, blackmail, and even rape at work, in their lives, according to the Italian National Institute for Statistics (ISTAT). Most of these crimes go unreported, and two out of three victims change jobs or renounce their careers. The women who stay in the workplace and refuse the “advances” live in precarious conditions.

The Italian media system is refusing to talk about this book because it also speaks about because how the Italian press works. Some of them say that they are not interested in the topic. Other are just making things worst by dismissing claims and blaming Olga Ricci. A reaction that doesn’t surprise. In 2015 Italy slips from 49th to 73th place on the 180 countries considered in the ranking of press freedom prepared annually by Reporters Without Borders.


“Why don’t you want it?”
“Please, Olga, don’t be so nervous. You always seem to be menstruating.”
“Olga, stay close to me. If you don’t want me to, I won’t touch you.”
“You are a loser. Your only chance to succeed its me.”
The Editor-in-Chief

“We must not complain about what happens to us. We are not unlucky. Jumping into bed with him is an opportunity.”
Olga’s colleague

“Maybe we should fit into the world, without trying to change it.”
Olga’s friend


About Olga Ricci
Olga Ricci is the pen name of an Italian freelance journalist. Three years ago she started telling her story of sexual harassment in the blog (The Pig at Work). The blog received nearly 130,000 hits and was reviewed in the leading Italian newspapers.

About Chiarelettere
Chiarelettere is an Italian publisher, a related company of Gruppo editoriale Mauri Spagnol, which oversees nine publishing houses. It prints books about the economy, politics, society, the environment and current events.

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