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Advantages of Irrigation

Irrigation is the supply of water to the soil in different duration and volumes. The lands are generally irrigated if they have crops or other growing items such as trees. There are various systems of irrigation which facilitate the effective supply of water to the crops and hinder soil erosion. The irrigation systems are used according to the size of the piece of land which has plants. For example, the drip irrigation methods are applicable in a small piece of land since it aids in water conversation. The process of irrigation is mainly practiced in the dry areas. The report describes the main advantages of irrigation.

The irrigation plays a vital task of raising the products of the crops. Irrigations helps to supply water to the growing crops in the right intervals. Irrigations helps to prevent the crops from drying due to limited rainfall. The irrigation practices helps the crops to grown fast and thus boost their yields. It is advisable for the individuals to supply water constantly to their plants to facilitate fast germination. Constant irrigation is crucial since it protects the plants from being affected by multiple pests which lower the yields.

The other vital benefit is boosting of the moisture content in the soil which helps to supply water and nutrients to the plants. The lands should be moist at all the time facilitate the growth of plant and production of high yields. The soil in the farm should be watered regularly to provide moisture which aid in easy absorption of nutrients. Water should, however, be irrigated in limited amounts to increase moisture and prevent the destruction of the soil structure. Irrigation is useful since it maintains soil moisture besides the low rainfall.

The irrigation systems are vital since they prevent wastage of water. There are areas where water is a scarce resource due to limited rainfall. The farmers should improvise mechanisms to irrigate their crops and boost moisture content for the easy taking of nutrients. Drip irrigations ensure that the water flows slowly in drops to the roots of the plant. The individuals should rely on the drip irrigation method during the dry seasons to avoid water wastage.

Irrigation is helpful since it enhances the effective use of water in homes in different ways such as washing and watering of cattle. Irrigations also improves the circulation of fresh water. There are various tanks which are used to store water in the farms. The tanks are supposed to have both the inlets and outlets to keep the water fresh. Irrigation helps to empty the water tanks to create space for the fresh water.

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