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The Most Incredible African Safari Destination

Nearly every year Africa hosts around 18 million tourists who go to visit. Most tourists are fascinated with this continent because it offers an opportunity for individuals to see some of the most amazing wildlife species. Africa has 54 nations with each nations having its own tourist attraction. Outlined on this article are some of the countries you can plan a luxury tour to, click here to know how to plan a trip here.

The first country you can decide to be your destination for the safari is South Africa. This is that nation you will enjoy every bit of your safari. Everything you can wish for as a safari person is here. In this nation you will find good roads, incredible shopping malls, organized tours and the best game park. One of the game parks is Kruger National Park which stands out as an international wildlife success. In the whole African content this national park is one of the busiest. As a person who loves safaris, South Africa tour is not complete if you do not plan a trip here.

The second destination you can opt to go to is Namibia. This country it also referred as the land of sand. Namibia is an arid nation but it is quite wealthy in geological site. If you decide to visit Namibia you are sure of having the most exiting adventures. Etosha National park is one of the places you wouldn’t want to miss when you visit Namibia. This nation is a home to almost all wild creatures except the hippos. The country is also a nesting place for all kinds of birds. When planning your luxury trip it is best to plan a trip here.

Uganda is also a great country to set your foot. Uganda is a country that is located at the edge of the Great Rift Valley. Bwindi forest which is not penetrable is the home of trained mountain gorillas. Only a few people have the privilege of seen these endangered species in their natural habitat. If you decide to plan a trip here, you will need all hands on deck to get permit. Above all this is an opportunity that most people would wish to have.

The other country you set sail to is Kenya. The country experiences a spectacular moment in the months between July and October, the migration of the wildebeests. On the other hand if you are a fun of big cats Kenya is the destination to land. This is also one of the top places you can see a lion in action. Furthermore Kenya has numerous game parks some of them including Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara, Amboseli and Tsavo National parks. As safari person if you plan a trip here you are sure to enjoy each single moment.

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