Reasons to Hire a Reputable Lawn Care Company

An essential part of lawn maintenance is mowing, an operation that is often repeated during the summer season, but which has undeniable year-long advantages. Whether you enjoy mowing the lawn or consider it a chore, the process is one of the few ways to ensure your lawn stays healthy. Proper mowing practices help homeowners avoid the majority of lawn problems that most people experience.

The benefits of mowing

Mowing the grass routinely allows the roots to grow properly. Because of this, your lawn becomes more resistant to periods of drought, insect attack, and weed growth.

Mowing, therefore, allows people to:

  • Ensure a better rooting
  • Conserve soil moisture and the grassy green color
  • Prevent damage from diseases and insects, such as grubs
  • Reduce the presence of weeds

The ideal process

Mowing should meet specific basic rules, especially regarding cutting height, frequency, and timing. Mow at two-and-a-quarter inches during the first mowing of the spring. This will help to stimulate the growth, and during the last mow in autumn, it helps to prevent the development of diseases.

Mow at the height of about three inches during the whole season. To maintain this height, start mowing as soon as the strands reach four inches. Maintain a regular mowing frequency to avoid cutting more than one-third of the length of the strands.

In times of active growth, mow every week or even every five days. For the summer months, space the mowing every two weeks. Never mow in hot weather or when the lawn after a rain or with morning dew.

Mow dry grass before rain or late afternoon for a cleaner cut and evenly distributed residue on the lawn. Modify the mowing path every week so that the clippings are not always sent to the same places. Keep the trimmer blades sharp for a clean cut that promotes healing and regrowth.


Grass-cycling, which involves leaving cuttings on the lawn, provides further benefits to the lawn. By decomposing mowing residues, soil microorganisms allow the release of the nutrients they contain. This practice makes it possible to reduce the amount of fertilizer and water required for good grass growth. Contact your local Lawn Care Company to learn more.