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A Dead Tooth And What You Should Do When You Have A Dead Tooth

More than 90 percent of Americans aged between 20 years and 64 years have tooth decay. For many people by the time they discover they have a tooth decay it is already severe, and they need emergency dental care. One of the worst conditions that may arise due to tooth decay is getting a dead tooth, and you can learn more about this on this useful post. You can learn more about the tooth decay and the actions to take when you have one on this useful post.

Everything You Should Know About A Dead Tooth

A dead tooth is a severe dental condition which explains the situation where a tooth no longer receives any blood flow, and it turns grey and fall out. A the dead tooth has several symptoms, and you will learn more about them on this useful post.

Indications Of A Dead Tooth

One of the major symptoms of a dead tooth is the pain. The the pain you feel is caused by the nerve endings around the teeth. The bacteria build up on the nerve endings and the pulp cavity after the tooth is dead is what brings about the excruciating pain. You may also experience poor bad taste in your mouth as well as a bad odor even after brushing your teeth. You can have your tooth change the color to either yellow, grey or black when your tooth is dead.

Learning About The Causes Of A Dead Tooth

When a tooth decay is not treated it may lead to a dead tooth. When you have a tooth decay, and you do not have it treated then the bacteria might pile up and cause you to get a cavity, and when the bacteria reach the pulp cavity you get an infection. Infections on the tooth may lead to an increase in pressure and inflammation, and this leads to a cut in the supply of blood that eventually leads to the death of the tooth. Experiencing tooth trauma can cause your tooth to die. Read this useful post to learn about causes of tooth trauma.

Dead Tooth Treatment

There are different types of treatment to address dead tooth, and you will learn more about these treatments on this useful post. When you are diagnosed with a dead tooth, you may be required to get a root canal or a tooth extraction. A dead tooth may be remedied by a root canal, and if it does not work the next remedy is having the tooth extracted. You can prevent a dead tooth by ensuring that you maintain high levels of dental hygiene by either brushing or flossing. You should also go for dental checkups at least twice a year to prevent a dead tooth.